Social Connect for OpenCms Portal

Session Start: October, 1 at 09:45

Helmut Manck, eonas IT-Beratung und- Entwicklung GmbH, Germany

Antonio Cordeddu, Coranto Informatica, Italy

OpenCms is a fully featured content management system. However it lacks built-in features for user driven content and social interaction like activities, circles and followers. To create „Social Connect“, Helmut and his team extended OpenCms to contain some of those features. Social Connect is a pure open source solution hosted on GitHub and we are looking forward to even more enhancements in the near future.

Helmut is going to illustrate how a user can compose his personal dashboard of various information sources. The dashboard can show topics or persons of his personal interest, external third party feeds or changes within OpenCms in general. Each information source delivers a short abstract of the latest changes in that area. Thus the user gets a quick overview of the latest news in all areas he is involved in and may drill down on demand. This information aggregation can be used on a personal level. It can also be used to build pages belonging to a specific topic, gathering information across external and internal sources and display a concise topic centered overview. The data exchange is based on industry standards like RSS-Feeds and portlets and can be extended easily.


Helmut Manck

CEO, eonas IT-Beratung und -Entwicklung GmbH, Germany

Helmut is CEO of eonas GmbH. He founded eonas in 2006 to provide consultancy and software development with IT security in mind.

With a strong tendency towards low level topics like driver development and IT infrastructure issues, eonas develops software solutions for the industrial sector as well as specialized add-ons for existing IT solutions. One of those specialized add-ons is a JSR286-portal extension for OpenCms. Most of eonas work today is written in C, Java and runs on Linux.

Before the time at eonas Helmut worked as security consultant for several years after completing his studies in computer science.


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