Download the OpenCms 8 beginner's guide to template creation as PDF

The OpenCms 8 beginner's guide to template creation - which is now available for download - provides an easy to understand introduction on how to  create a working JSP template from scratch with OpenCms 8.

This step by step tutorial requires no previous knowledge of website creation. First-time and switching users can directly jump into template creation with the open source content management system OpenCms.

Start creating your own templates with OpenCms and make them available to the community.

Learn more about

  • Creating your website template with OpenCms 8 from design to HTML prototype and a working JSP template
  • Header and footer configuration
  • Sitemap configuration
  • Editing the model page
  • Building the website navigation in OpenCms 8.

With OpenCms 8 it is easy to create a beautiful template for your website.

Learn more about the great new features of OpenCms 8 and download the OpenCms 8 beginner's guide to template creation right now.


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