OpenCms Cloud eXtensions

Session Start: October, 1 at 14:30

Stephan Hartmann, Metamesh, Germany with Arash Kaffamanesh, Clouds Sky GmbH, Germany

Stephan Hartmann  CEO, Metamesh, Germany

In this session Stephan Hartmann presents Metamesh's OpenCms Cloud eXtensions (OCCX) implementation, which is the foundation to provide a cloud-ready, distributable and cluster-ready version of OpenCms that implements an integration with Open Data Grid Platforms. Arash Kaffamanesh will present OCCX in action running on Eucalyptus Private Cloud and Amazon EC2 and shows you the first cloudified version of OpenCms with Auto-Scaling and Multi-Workplace support for your OpenCms SaaS initiatives.


Stephan Hartmann

CEO, Metamesh, Germany

Stephan is an independent Java enterprise developer and architect since 1998 who has been working on OpenCms projects for more than 10 years. Stephan is a software developer passionate by rapid application development aspects and productivity oriented development.

He is currently working on hyper-scale data grid platforms and he is supporting Clouds Sky GmbH to provide true elastic and SaaS enabled Java enterprise applications to her customers.

CEO, Clouds Sky GmbH, Germany

Arash Kaffamanesh

CEO, Clouds Sky GmbH, Germany

Arash is an independent enterprise content management and Open Cloud solution architect and has been working for nearly two decades for the IT industry in Germany, USA, Greece and Netherlands building large scale enterprise solutions.

He is currently building the Open CloudBox and the Open Cloud Services Delivery Model helping companies to build OpenCms and other services on top of Open Hybrid Clouds.


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