Introducing the 9.5 documentation

Session Start: November, 4 at 12:30

Dr. Daniel Seidel, Alkacon Software GmbH

Documentation of OpenCms will be better than ever with the release of version 9.5.

OpenCms 9.5 documentation has been revised and greatly extended. Moreover, a new approach has been taken in writing the documentation directly inside OpenCms. Being HTML based, it allows the content to be found easily through online search engines for quick reference. It also allows combining the documentation with interactive examples and demos.

In this session, Daniel will introduce the new documentation to the audience. He will focus on the content of the documentation, and provide an overview about the main areas of improvement. He will also briefly explain the technical structure of the documentation, which makes use of OpenCms 9.5 features such as nested containers. Last but not least, he will point out opportunities for future collaboration to document OpenCms even better.


Dr. Daniel Seidel

OpenCms consultant, Alkacon Software GmbH, Germany

Daniel has joined Alkacon Software beginning of 2014. He holds a doctorate in computer science (Dr. rer. nat) from the university of Bonn. 

Since being at Alkacon, Daniel has worked primarily on the new documentation that comes with OpenCms 9.5, as well as on extensions of the Alkacon OAMP modules


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