Workshop Information

Workshops are "hands-on"

At the beginning of a workshop, the moderator and the participants will discuss the topics and use cases that are to be covered. After this groups will be formed, each working on a use case of their choice. The goal for the groups is to find a proof of concept solution in a real live OpenCms installation. The experienced OpenCms consultants that moderate the workshop will assist.

Workshop participants must bring their own computer

Technical requirements are that the laptop computer must be able to run VmWare Player (recommended) or VirtualBox - see below for download links. This means the CPU power and memory requirements are quite high. Two participants in the same group can also share a screen and do pair programming.

Workshops will be for all recent OpenCms versions

The workshops are not intended to demonstrate you the newest OpenCms release. Instead they are for all recent OpenCms versions. In case you have a specific version requirement, please tell the workshop moderator in the beginning. He will then try to find a solution that works with your version. Of course, there is a limit on how far we can look back (sorry no version 6 or 7 anymore ;).

Each workshop has a maximum number of 20 participants

We believe 20 participants is the largest size that allows to maintain a good working atmosphere. Seats in the workshops are distributed in advance on a first come, first served basis. Workshops can be chosen in the registration form when ordering the ticket. If a workshop is full we will show this on the website. We count the number of people, so even if two participants share a screen they are both numbered to the 20 people limit. 

We will distribute a virtual machine with a pre-configured OpenCms environment

The virtual machine will contain specific examples, configurations and other material prepared for each workshop. There will be one image for all workshops. The image will be available for download shortly before OpenCms Days. Registered participants will receive a download link by email. If you can not download the virtual machine image in advance, we will offer the possibility to install the image from a USB stick at the conference location.

Checklist before workshop participation

Here is a short overview about what to take care of in the preparation of a workshop: 

  • You have registered for the workshop when ordering the ticket
  • Your workshop registration has been confirmed by the conference coordinators
  • You bring your own laptop computer
  • You have installed VmWare player or VirtualBox on the laptop
  • You have installed the OpenCms virtual image for the conference

Download links

Please download one of these virtual image players and install it on your laptop before the conference: